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Joseph Wood

Grace International School
Secondary Teacher
Chiang Mai, Thailand
I am a lover of #EdTech. I love classroom #innovation and creativity. I am passionate about standards based learning through #sblchat and the use of #hyperdocs and blended learning.  I seek to promote #equity in classroom. I am a Certified Trainer #GoogleET. I encourage a #growthmindset.

I have been teaching in a classroom for almost two decades. For the past three and a half years, I have taught in a 1:1 classroom. At the same time my school district became a Google Apps for Education school. I love it when I can step back and watch the students take ownership of their learning. I love it when they can express their creativity. Each year, I have moved farther from the center of the classroom, allowing more face to face time with the students. I have used a blended learning environment, a system of Hyperdocs, and single point rubrics to provide prompt and relevant feedback that engages students and promotes mastery over compliance.

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